Buying Your First Telescope

Buying the right telescope to take your love of astronomy to the next level is a big next step in the development of your passion for the stars. In many ways, it is a big step from someone who is just fooling around with astronomy to a serious student of the science. But you and I both know that there is still another big step after buying a telescope before you really know how to use it.

Before you purchase your astronomy telescope it is important to conduct your research. One way of conducting this research can be accomplished by accessing the Internet and learning more about telescopes. Some of the questions that you should endeavor to answer surround what features to look for in a telescope, approximate cost, recommended brands, etc.

Another practical suggestion, before you purchase your astronomy telescope, is to “test drive” a telescope. This can be accomplished by joining an astronomy club. Often these clubs will have a stargazing event which will allow you to peer through the telescopes owned by the various members.

Another way of conducting research, prior to purchasing an astronomy telescope, is to ask the members in the club as to what telescope they would recommend. The key is education. Listen for the features they recommend, brand names, the diameter of the lens, price, etc.

There are many magazines out there that follow astronomy and can give you sample pictures and sky charts to go buy. The most common are SKY, TELESCOPE, or ASTRONOMY. Join an astronomy group or a star watching society. These groups usually have telescopes you can borrow for a look to see if it is really what you want. They also have advanced members who can teach you where to look for certain objects.

Choosing a telescope is a difficult process for the novice and if you do not make the right choice you may lose interest or worse your child may lose interest in the whole process. Choosing a telescope that allows for optimal viewing of celestial bodies and entering the amazing world of astronomy is an important step since putting too little money or too much money into the process. Since knowledge is important in choosing I suggest that you research your product and understand what you want to view in the night sky.

Beginner telescopes choice is an important step for budding astronomers and thus making the choice in telescopes for yourself or another in your family a step that could make or break you, choosing based upon research and perhaps the skills of others interested in astronomy can become instrumental in your choice of telescopes. Whether you choose a high end, medium priced or low end telescope is a personal choice and only you can make that choice.

Astrology and Science

Astrology, in some instances, seems related to or based on science. This is because, in astrology, people predict things with the movements of planets and other heavenly bodies. Astrology makes us believe that there is some connection between the Astronomical Phenomena and the Human life. However, scientific research conducted on the relationship between astrology and science says that no evidence has been found to believe the tradition of astrology.


Astrology is an ancient practice of predicting the future. A person’s future is said to be predicted by the position of the planets and stars at the time of his birth. The chart prepared based on the position of the heavenly bodies is called the horoscope.  Some people strongly confess that there is a connection between the astronomical bodies and human life.



Before many years some sages predicted the full moon day, no moon day, eclipse and many other things for upcoming years and prepared it as an Astrological Almanac, which is being followed by people till date. Though these things make us believe astrology, scientists consider this superstitious.

Research on Astrology:

A Biological Science professor Mr.Douglas McMahon conducted a research on Astrology and confessed that it is true. He said that the position of the planets and stars at the birth time of a person could result in psychological changes in their brain and behavior which impacts the whole life of that particular person.

People failed to accept this statement until they started experiencing that in their own life. Suddenly things changed, and they started believing astrology and also named it as “Seasonal Biology.”


Astrology always creates various impacts in the life of people. There is always something beyond this Earth that can make changes in the human life race. For example, a scientist has concluded that Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto play a part in the formation of the earthquake. Something that can never be proved will be believed by people only when they experience it in their own life. Likewise, faith on Astrology can be created only by one’s own experience.