What is Astrology?

Astrology is a system involving beliefs and traditions seeking to interpret, understand, and predict personality and human affairs by charting the relative position and movements of celestial bodies such as the stars, moon, and planets. Astrology is an art form and method of divination which is interpreted in symbolic language. The symbolic language of astrology can be understood by people who are trained to understand and interpret this form of art. These people are known as astrologists.

Astrology readings record the interaction among the heavenly bodies. The positions of the stars, planets, and moon relative to the person’s zodiac sign is said to be an indicator of the results of his future dealings. These readings are usually conducted personally. However, with a large number of individuals turning to the World Wide Web from buying goods to availing services, astrology readings are increasingly becoming available online.

Science and Astrology

Daily horoscopes, tarot card readings, both personal and virtual are available online. A large number of websites specialize in astrology readings. There are a lot of types in astrological reading.  Most of them are for free while others offer their services for a fee. Zodiac reading that is done online is carried out both professionally and recreationally.

Serious astrological reading can involve a lot of factors while your date of birth is simply enough to predict basic things about you. Most of these online astrological studies are done based on the person’s psychology. That is why a lot of non-believers relate to both astrology and psychology and call astrology either a hoax or an attribution of the past.

Psychologists attribute the belief to astrology to our cognitive biases. Perhaps, Tycho Brahe in a sense was correct when he declared that “by looking up, I see downward.” As a human being, we may be preconfigured to see and create connections with our immediate environment.

Some, on the other hand, do not treat astrology readings seriously. For them, the accuracy of astrology in general and astrology readings online, in particular, are subject to question. Scientists consider astrology as false science. Others, grounding their argument on religion, treat astrology as an occult practice which is because the doctrines of their religion teach them otherwise.


One maybe an ardent follower of the horoscope or one may entirely ignore it.  Regardless of one’s stand in the debate, astrology readings online will remain to be a prominent feature in the cyber world. It might be helpful to consult the stars when making a decision or undergoing a significant change. However, a planetary and celestial motion may be a flimsy alternative to grounded facts and information.

Is Astrology A Boon Or A Bane?